Internationally recognized and reference in Technology, the IKONN TRACKING System & MONITORING was born after years of intensive studies and investments in technology applied to the GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking System market.
We have the most advanced technology applied in this market today, to bring more safety and efficiency in the management of your fleet, logistics, telemetry or risk management.

In order to stay ahead of the rest of the companies in the sector, the IKONN has a development ROADMAP and technological upgrades that go well beyond simple vehicle and object monitoring.

The IKONN also contributes to the national sports promotion by being present and sponsoring sports tournaments.

The IKONN team is made up of professionals who have been active in the vehicle tracking and monitoring market for more than 21 years. Our team of analysts and developers has developed and helped develop the systems of the largest tracking companies in the Brazilian market.
We have our own map base, which guarantees to us great dynamism in the updates and rapid response in changes of streets or mapping of areas. All locations are geocoded, so you do not have to search the address through information such as latitude and longitude.