Ikonn Tracking

Our GPS/GPRS/Satellital Tracking Platform is the most modern tool on the market. We have the highest technology applied in this sector, bringing greater security and innovation to you and your customers.


The Ikonn WEB Tracking Platform can be accessed by any computer or mobile device with Internet access. You can access reports, send commands, manage your fleets through your SmartPhone or Tablet. Unique features for Mobile devices.


Our services go far beyond the license to use the Platform. We have highly skilled professionals to assist you at any level of your company, from installation to marketing. We do not just provide platform support, we want to make your business more productive and profitable.


For your most demanding customers, we have an Automatic Integration Module for any application that they are using. You can provide all information sent by the GPS device directly to your customer in real time for internal use.


The Ikonn Tracking Platform allows complete customization of the interfaces, even the mobile application can be customized with your brand, in addition to being fully integrated with other vendors systems and services. Do not lose customers or stop closing deals for lack of functionality, contact us.


Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to be extension of Tracking Technology for your company. We offer our entire team to meet your demand in technology and unique resources, bringing you more competitiveness and innovation applied to your business. It has never been so affordable for your company to have a team of Analysts and Engineers experts in that market.

Tracking Devices

We have the largest number of homologated tracker devices on the market. Do not be stuck with vendors who block the growth of your company, we help you migrate your equipment from other vendors. If you have a unique device that is not yet approved, do not worry, our team of experts will do a complete analysis for the integration into the Platform.

Security and Speed

We use the most modern Data Center Infrastructure in constant updating, which guarantees to you and your customers greater security and information speed. Contact us and request a demo, you will be surprised. We maintain an international standard of service and support.


Keep your company always ahead of competitors. Do not accept being limited to what the market offers, always one step ahead in technology. Our Research and Development team brings you the most modern technology in this market, reflecting directly on your services and customer loyalty.